Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Manglish--Pie Cake

Happy Thanksgiving--hope everyone ate their fill of Pumpkin Pie Especially Making!  Was yours mild and delicious?  Did it give you fresh and natural flavor :-))?  One can only hope so, though we should all be so fortunate as to have our pie, and eat cake, too.  As usual, it seems,  recent American inventions like the Pake appear to be recently immigrated ideas from Japan.  I recall seeing both Cake Pie and Pie Cake in convenience stores back in 1999--both of which were naturally much smaller than their American counterparts, and therefore much less hazardous to your health :-))  Although to be completely fair, neither pie nor cake is of Japanese origin (obviously).   And given the amount of Manglish I see, you could certainly say that the borrowing goes both ways...


  1. This one was almost passable until the Especially Making part. So close. so close.

    My sister made pumpkin pie stuffed cupcakes (they actually had mini pumpkin pies inside. Crust and all) and they were DELICIOUS!

  2. It *was* close--ooooh...doh! Like that:-))

    Pumpkin pie stuffed cupcakes?? That sounds GOOD!! You mean like cupcakes with little pumpkin pie tortes inside? (want. to. EAT!)

  3. Really sad I could not make it to Yokohama. My work schedule in Tokyo was insane this time. Maybe in March/April. I will producing another show in Tokyo. Tell the kids I was very sad not to see them. matt

  4. Hi, Matt! Don't worry about it! I knew you must have been crazy busy this time--but that's *good*! Right? Can't wait to hear about the gallery opening in December--hope you get a zillion people to come! I'll tell the kids you wanted to see them, and why you couldn't this time:)) No worries!