Monday, December 13, 2010

Weekend Origami--Stars Part I: Message Star

The Message Star is the easiest version of an origami star--my kids did this one second or third year in Yochien, so it's totally easy to do with 4 to 6-year-olds.  Or make small ones (1/4 of a regular sheet of origami paper) from gold or silver foil to use as present name tags:))  You need three pieces of paper, all the same size.  They can be all the same color, although I used three different colors in the video so it would be easier to see what Cici's doing.  Start off by folding all three pieces in half to make three triangles...

Make a bunch!  Mata asobou, ne!


  1. i almost watched a docuemntary last night on modern origami and it's aplication to mathematical formulas. But i was tired so we watched a documentary on steroids instead.

  2. Cute! I'm so going to try this later on. I have a box of unused origami paper. I only use one peice a month to make an origami flower for someones birthday.

  3. @Falen--I wish I had taped the show my husband and I saw about how origami is all the rage in India for just that reason: it's application to math. And that was actually the reason I thought this "origami" was kind of cool when I watched Koshi make it the first time--"wow! You can make a star with three triangles! I didn't know you could do that!" :-))

    @Ezmirelda--origami paper seems to be unfortunately expensive in the US:-(( I don't see why it should be when you can get a hundred sheets for a dollar over here--surely America could get it from China, too... When I get another minute, I'll put up another star my kids know how to do, and the folded Kirigami version (cut out kind)! Busy week--Christmas party for my English class:-))