Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Monday Manglish--Cici's New Wallet

Cici lost her wallet a week or so ago, so Papa took her to buy a new one the other day.  A different color than the old one, but otherwise identical.  Or so I thought until I actually *looked* at the thing:

...wait a minute.  What does that say?  Was that not there before?  Am I blind, or did I just not notice?

"We would like to hand our goods to you.  You must be satisfied with it!"

We would like to hand our goods to you.... somehow that just doesn't seem like a very wallet-y slogan....

Mata asobou, ne....


  1. Haha! I love Engrish.com for these reasons...

  2. it's almost threatening...Like, what happens if i'm not satisfied, wallet?

  3. Haha! Maybe it was meant to be funny. Our new lesson in Nihongo class this week centers on money. So we're learning things like ikura desu ka? And, totemo takaii/yasui desu! And then we learned how to say large sums of money. Ummm...like $5280 is (thinking....) go man ni hyaku hachi jyuu doru. Hehe, if that's wrong then I think I might've failed the quiz ^^

  4. @Summer-- Engrish.com is *hilarious*, but I live in a sea of it... sometimes it's hard not to stare at people's chests. "Wait a minute...what does that shirt say?!?"

    @Falen--*exactly*, I thought it sounded slightly threatening, too:-))

    @Ezmirelda--gambare! $5280--in dollars or yen? In dollars... oshiiiii! Very close! "go man" is fifty thousand. A ra ra ra. Here it is: "go sen ni hyaku hachi jyuu doru". Big numbers are kind of hard, but they're the ones you need immediately when you get here, 'cause nothing costs 10yen... ;-))

  5. Take these goods, or we will be forced to shoot...

    I can't even think what it was meant to mean, either.