Monday, December 6, 2010

Land of Cute--Robotic Dancer

Of course the robotic dancing girl is cute! Yeah--American robotics experts would probably try to program a robot to dance, too.  But they'd program it to do the Thriller dance.  Or MC Hammer.

This is *so* Japan--right down to the girly foot flip...

via Pink Tentacle

p.s.--the stomach virus Cici brought home on Friday made it's way around to Mommy:-((  I meant to put up Origami Stars Wednesday ok?


  1. *shudder*

    I think that encapsulates at least 75% of the reasons I never got into chart-pop.

    I take it that, while mum's groaning in delirious agony, Cici's now happily running around without a care in the world...

    Get well soon :-)

  2. Doing much better, thanks! :-)) And everyone will be off to school tomorrow, so Mum can get something done...

  3. Hey--I keep trying to put a comment on your forum and I'm getting a server error message. Do you know what that's about?

    Here's what I was trying to post:

    J&M is how I stumbled across it--Darwin Harmless was talking about his blog, and I thought "I didn't realize he had a blog", and click on his name. He's got it up, which he apparently got from her (name escapes me at the moment). (btw-- nice poetry fix over at J&M:-)) Oooohh--you beat me to the Python bunny! (poochy cheeks)

    Cici's better, but at home today--she can go to school tomorrow. Just went up to school to take Teddy's stuff that he forgot (practically everything--what on earth *did* he take to school this morning?), and stopped by Cici's class to tell her teacher she'd be back tomorrow. Whoa--literally half the class is out! There were only 12 kids there--playing games because they couldn't do anything else. Holy cow. Last night *my* stomach hurt, and I sort of collapsed at 6:00. Fever--fell asleep and couldn't get up. Papa had to get dinner (ramen--he fixes ramen for a kid who's had the barfies. doh!) This morning, my husband collapsed, and Koshi (oldest) is home with a tummyache and 37.3 fever (low, but can't send him to school). So it's rice porridge or udon and Pocari Sweat only for now. I have one healthy kid (don't get sick Teddy....!)

    Sorry--didn't mean to go on about health issues. But--I meant to put up origami yesterday. I'll have to do that Wednesday or so, I guess... Please! Everybody! Go to school so mommy can go see the Harry Potter movie! (already have tickets--was going to go today....grrrr.....)

  4. Blimey! I say 'get well soon' and you're instantly doing much better...

    I AM GOD!

    (Please don't ask about the biblical stuff. I was young, the booze was cheap, back then...)

    Ah, here comes Nurse with the meds...

  5. I've just started a new thread at my forum. I had the same trouble with my last post, and got round it by replying to the penultimate post instead. Figured it was a temporary glitch, but maybe it's 'cause we've reached the thread-limit. There's very little user-help or info on bpath. Oh well, it's free... Could you reply on the new thread when you get chance please, just to check it's working properly?

    Blimey, that's one very contagious little bug you have there. At least it seems short-lived though.

    Origami on a Monday? Where did Manglish go? Origami's cool too, mind, so no complaints.

    Harry Potter? I can do better — BBC are doing a Dirk Gently series in the new year, and that Hans Rosling programme is on tomorrow night...

  6. oh man, i really want to see a robot do the Thriller dance