Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Weekend Origami--Origami Stars: Part II

This star is a little more difficult than the Message Star--it uses only one sheet of paper folded down to get the star shape, rather than three sheets glued together.  But my first grader can do it, so it's definitely within the reach of kids in the lower elementary grades. Kindergartners....maybe, if they're already 6 and have done simpler origami before.  If not--have a go, Mom!   Use a regular 15cmx15cm sheet of paper the first time or two you try it, then try making it with smaller squares for decorating packages or to put on top of an origami Christmas tree (which I'll put up next Sunday:-)).  Be sure to have the color side up to put in the vertical guide folds, and flip to the white side to put in the diagonal guide folds...

Make a bunch and hang them on the tree... or from the ceiling... :-))
Mata asobou, ne!

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