Thursday, December 9, 2010


Mmmmm--December in Japan brings the strawberries (grown in greenhouses, so as not to compete with the summer melons...).  Sweeter, more perfect berries are simply not to be found...

  ...hand-picked and gently placed all the same direction in the package--for the top of the Christmas cake, or just to eat dipped in  sweetened condensed milk.

But when was the last time you paid $6.80 for 11 strawberries?

Grrrrr... not today!


  1. Yikes. Though prices here in Georgia aren't *too* much lower than that...

  2. This isn't the time to mention that I had a fresh-cream strawberry trifle last night then...?

    Okay, I won't. *smugness*

  3. @Summer--yikes is right! And at the current exchange rate, those strawberries would be more like $7 and something (since the yen is really strong against the dollar right now)...

    @Daz--ooohhhh. (pooching out cheeks)...

  4. i live in MN so i'm used to cheap milk and expensive fruit.
    man those strawberries look good

  5. Falen--you're in Minnesnowta? ;-)) Ahh--nice childhood memories from the Boundary Waters... (drifts off....)

    You guys get expensive fruit up there? Just in the winter, or all year round? I can see how milk would be cheap, right next to Wisconsin. And, yeah, those strawberries look good to me, too--but not at Y680 (my husband would have a cow...although, come to think of it, then we'd have cheap milk, too...;-))

  6. Those strawberries make my OCD happy.

    I grow my own strawberries from spring to fall on my patio, and I go without during the winter. They're $5 @ the grocery right now. :(

  7. Aha--that's how you have lovely pictures of strawberry leaves turned red:-)) I sometimes grow things on the porch, too--how many strawberries do you usually get growing them on the porch? (I figure if I tried it, I'd get about three berries...not quite worth the effort!)

  8. My one plants nets me about five strawberries a week. I plan to add at least two more next spring. It was an experiments that worked surprisingly well.