Monday, December 20, 2010

Land of Cute--The GodJesus

I don't actually own one of these ( 'I feel so unfulfilled!'), I've just seen it floating around the web.  The GodJesus toy was produced in Japan in the 80's, and works more or less like a Magic8 ball, only more exciting.  You ask it your question, clap your hands, and it rolls forward a little, nods or shakes its head, then bows and its eyes flash red!  Mr. Salaryman, who lives up in Tokyo, put up video of his God-Jesus.  Yes--he actually owns one!  And not just one, but several,which he's purchased via on-line auction (not e-bay:-((  Ahh--to be so uninhibited!  Though it must be stated, and even he admits, to a growing addiction for the diminuitive toy.

But I don't want to stop! I'll buy every God-Jesus damn God-Jesus that comes my way and I won't apologize for it.              --Mr. Salaryman

Yes--I desperately covet a GodJesus, and since toys aren't specifically mentioned in the tenth commandment, I think I can covet in smite-free safety... 

But, you ask, is it cute?  Isn't there a pink one?  This is Japan, foolish skeptic--of course there's a pink one!  And, it seems, Mr. Salaryman wasn't able to purchase this one...  (although at Y9800, I probably won't be, either--boo hoo).
The image at top is via I highly recommend stopping over there, too, just to read the comments...  My favorites:

"Holy spirit not included"... and  "Now with realistic smiting action!"

Why, oh why, did Bandai stop producing these?!  *Cho* kawaiiiii, desho?!

p.s.--I debated whether to title this "Land of Cute" or "Manglish", because it's really both.  I finally went with Land of Cute, but the post is filed under Manglish as well, since is (of course) a site completely given over to the delights of Manglish/Engrish:-))


  1. Umm...


    That's kinda creepy...

  2. My habit of clicking on people's names in blog comments has paid off again I think. I found About A Brook: The diary of a water vole colony. There's not just voles, though. I've only browsed the one page, but there's nut-hatches, blue tits, frogs, hedgehogs...

  3. Oops, no hedgehogs, just a hedgehog man. No, I'm not going to explain that :-)

  4. It is slightly creepy...and rather funny...I can't imagine what possessed Bandai to name the thing GodJesus (although it's a good example of the Outsider's Test of Faith--that's what christianity and the names "god" and "jesus" mean to someone not brought up in the faith. Which is to say...nothing. They are nearly meaningless, no emotional content for the Japanese at all. Like swear words in a foreign language).

    Thanks for the link!! A kindred spirit--I'll go back again and leave a comment and tell her how much I admire the work she's doing. Hedgehog man? I didn't get to that bit yet...hmmmm... I'll have to scroll down a bit more:-))

  5. I think it was the red-eyed glare and the slight resemblance to Twiki in Buck Rogers, along with the way it wields the cross like a battle-axe, that got me.


  6. Ooohh--it *does* look a little like Twiki from Buck Rogers, doesn't it! I knew there was some resemblance tickling the back of my mind... (I'll sleep well tonight, now I've got that off my mind. And I have you to thank for it :-))

    oh man, that is PRICELESS!

  8. Oh Amy, now I want one!

  9. If I were a rich man (ya da da da da da da da da da da da da da dum!)...I would buy a GodJesus for everyone! ;-))