Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Typhoons Already? (And Kitty Update)

We got to go down to Kawana (near Ito, on the Izu Peninsula) to visit O-Jiisan and O-Baasan over the weekend.

We got to go because baseball practice was cancelled Saturday and Sunday on account of rain.  Typhoon, to be exact.  The second one of the season, already--and rather too early.

Granted, the hydrangeas seem to like it and the plums are getting nice and fat...

...but we've had a fair bit of rain (which I wish I could send to Dominic!), and it seems rather too early for the rainy season.  It makes me wonder how so much rain so early will affect the rice (which will already be in short supply later in the year because of the tsunami, which destroyed the field in the Tohoku region.   Can't grow rice in field that have been swamped with salt water.).
Koshi's fifth grade class planted rice in a field across the road from the school, which I'll be posting about as soon as I get some decent pictures.  I hope their rice doesn't get ruined!

Anyway--we got to play with Kitty (O-Baasan calls him Mario, which the kids suggested) all weekend.

He's nearly twice as big as he was when we found him-- and, my goodness, what a Genki little kitty!  I think he's driving my in-laws nuts.  He's been biting and scratching... because he wants to *play*!

The kids played with him like that literally for hours, until...

...kitty just passed out.  He had so much fun playing...

...helping with homework...

Oooh!  A pen!

...well, sort of helping.  Helping that was more like playing (or stealing pens and pencils...;-).

Koshi and Kitty

They watched TV together...

...played under the Kotatsu together (it's nice and warm under there--that's an electric carpet, which was nice and warm, and made even warmer by the blanket draped between the table top and the frame.  Beloved of kittehs:-))

...batted toys all over. Scampered back and forth.  Made me feel guilty, leaving my poor in-laws to deal with a wound-up kitty after we left...

...and then everybody went to bed together:-)  O-Yasumi nasai!


  1. What a lovely thing to see this formerly starving, sick, and infected kitten come back to life. Good on you to save it! And keep us posted about Mario.

  2. He's really just the cutest thing-- I *so* wanted to bring him home with us. He really loves playing--he has so much energy! My poor in-laws! How about I put a photo in the sidebar and update it whenever we go see him?

  3. Oh, what a cute kitty! For the sake of your in-laws, I hope he passes the biting, swiping stage soon. Good thing he's so adorable.
    And the picture of those plums. Makes me want to get my canning supplies out right now!

  4. Gosh, he's such a beauty. I want to cuddle and play with him too!

  5. Diana-- hi! I'm hoping the biting stuff is teething (kitties do that too, right?)... And the plums are for Umeshu!! You may have to wait a while to give that a try, though;-))

  6. Alice-- I wanted to bring him home with us *so* bad... (at least we can visit:-(

  7. i had a dream with kittens last night, and combined with these photos it makes me want a cat that much more!

  8. Mario is looking great. Kittens are so *helpful.* Does Mario do the sideways jumping that only kittens seem to do? It is kind of like crab-walking.

  9. Sarah-- Know what you mean:-( Who has allergies at your house?

    Cary-- yes, he was very...um....'helpful' :-)) He did quite a bit of jumping in nearly every direction, including straight up at one point when Koshi startled him!

  10. I'm so happy to see that the adorable kitteh is doing well :) He's so hyper and sweet.

    And Maru enjoys the kotatsu, too!: http://sisinmaru.blog17.fc2.com/blog-entry-799.html

  11. Hi Miranda! Hyper is right--don't know how my in-laws are going to keep him entertained when we aren't there! I think all kitties love the kotatsu. *I* love the kotatsu--very cozy and warm. I think it must be like Heaven For Kittehs. Warm like the top of the tv, but dark, enclosed, and much softer...