Monday, May 2, 2011

I Miss My Kitty Already...

Tsutsuji Fair at Komuroyama Park-- Azaleas in brilliant bloom...

It's "Golden Week" here in Japan-- so called because there are five holidays that are nearly back-to-back so that most people get a week off for travel or visiting family.  We went to O-Baasan's house near the city of Ito down on the Izu Peninsula-- and it's Azalea Time.  More about that tomorrow:-)

Since we just got home and it's a bit late for me, this post will be a little shorter than usual-- mainly just an update about our Kitty...

First, he's as healthy as can be (apart from the diarrhea he came down with the night before we left for Grandma's...)-- playing, jumping, climbing, scampering, gobbling his food down, and already using his little toilet more or less by himself (still having trouble covering up the poo without actually stepping in it, though...).
O-riko da, ne!  (what a clever one!)  The cousins were immediately enamoured of him (although they just took in a kitty about a year or so ago, so Mom said 'no' to another one),  as were Grandma and Grandpa (a good sign).

Second, we don't get to keep him.  Even though I thought of him as my kitty by the time we got home from the vet and the pet shop for kitty food.  Even though it appears that Ceiling Cat approves of the match.  Even though everybody voted that we keep him (thanks everybody!).  I would keep him. Koshi would keep him (when I woke up this morning, I looked around for Kitty--found him curled up on Koshi's pillow next to his head:-)).  But I've been down the road of keeping a Secret Kitty in company housing before, and it's not an argument I want to have again.

Which brings me to number Three:  O-Baasan *is* going to keep him!  Yay!  Three cheers for Grandma!  So that means that whenever we go to see grandma, we can play with Kitty (name is currently Under Advisement... possibly Haru; possibly Mario) and maybe even catsit from time to time.

Who could say No to that face?  (Japanese Zabuton cushions were made for Kitties...)

And I'm very glad for that. 

But I already miss my kitty...


  1. Phew! I'm relieved! In that picture, he looks like Findus, the kitty from Swedish story-books (sometimes referred to as Mercury).

    Hope this kitty proves to be as much fun!

  2. Shame you can't keep him, but, yayyyy, he has a good home. That's the most important thing.

  3. Sarah-- thanks:-) Animal rescuers, unite!

    Hege-- he does? (*rushes off to check*)

    Daz-- yeah... it's kind of... quiet this morning. But in addition to a good home, it's a home we can visit whenever we want:-)) Still miss my kitty, though. Whoda thought a body could get so attached to a little ball of fur in four days?

  4. I understand why you didn't keep him AND how you got attached so quickly. I am so glad that he has a home and that you can go see him, play with him and hold him when you visit. Post his name when you decide.

  5. "Whoda thought a body could get so attached to a little ball of fur in four days?"

    You're kidding, right? For me it would take about thirty seconds! Really cute picture, and I'm so glad he's found a nice home. Do keep us updated--with photos!

  6. I also have cat worries. My li'l mate that pops in most days hasn't been around for best end of a week. I have no idea who his human is, or even what street, let alone house, he calls home, nor even what his official name is (he answers to "'ello puddytat" around me). It's worrying.

    In other news, I've seen my possible-badger twice this last fortnight, and I'm upgrading it to probable-badger. Caught a glimpse of more of its outline two days ago, and it's definitely no dog. I doubt I'll ever see more though. The chances of a badger coming into a well lit patch of ground are just about nil, I'd think, and I'm not going to risk scaring it away for good with a camera flash.

  7. Cary--thanks:-)) I'll post whatever my mother-in-law decides (since she's the one keeping him...)

    Jerry-- will do my best on the updates (photo and otherwise!)

    Daz-- I didn't know you 'ad a puddytat! Hope you find him soon--it does get worrying. And... a *badger*? Lucky! If you *do* get a picture, promise you'll post it!

  8. It's not exactly my cat. He just pops in for a while most days, to let me know how honoured I should be that he popped in to do so. If you followed that.

    Pictures of the probable-badger are becoming an obsession. If I can ever afford night-vision equipment...

    If your Ma-in-law's taking suggestions, I reckon Tom Jones, as he's a foundling.

  9. Feel sorry for the poor thing losing its family :'(

  10. Thanks-- at least grandma can keep him, though, so we can visit and play from time to time...
    I still feel like he's mine, though:-(