Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Monday Manglish--Vegetable Laundry?

Salad Breeze!  So this is therefore a .... laundry product?


Oh yes, indeed-- see?  Laundry pinches, for hanging things over my laundry poles and clipping them in place so they don't blow down on the ground.  I hate having to haul down four flights of stairs to get stuff that's blown down there.  At least now, though, I can usually get one of the kids to do it;-))

Well, I see a carrot--that must be the orange pinch.  And a cabbage, naturally the green pinch.  Elsewhere on the package I saw a yellow pepper, which must correspond to the yellow pinch.

And this has... what?  Exactly?  To do with laundry?

"Salad Breez" (sic) is a laundry series of fresh coloring to imagine delicious vegetables.

Ahh--naturally.  How extremely silly of me not to have thought of it.


  1. Ha!!! Naturally! I always think of delicious vegetables as I do the laundry...

  2. Oh this made me giggle, Amy. Thanks for the laugh!

  3. You're most welcome-- laffs are vital to well-being:-))

  4. Damned vegetarian washing products! Where's the bacon shaped ones?

  5. HA! I'll go look for bacon-shaped sponges:-))

  6. Daz, i do have bacon shaped / colored band-aids, in case flesh wounds make you instantly think of bacon...

    and Amy, HI! I'll have to skype you this week... :-)

  7. "in case flesh wounds make you instantly think of bacon..."

    That's kinda … disturbing lol. The thing is, I didn't but I probably will from now on…

    BTW, Ann. Want to submit a book-list? (And maybe weigh in on the short stories debate.)

  8. Ann-- Oh yeah! I forgot about those! Daz, she *does* have bacon band-aids. I've seen them. And Ann, go over there to Daz' and put up a book list!