Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday Manglish-- Cool Towel

A Cool Towel-- Must Haz!

So, I had to go to the drugstore to buy a new thermometer (or a "tempehchuu", as my kids call it;-)...the other one was lost and I was pretty sure Cici was running a fever this morning (yup--38.7.  Eek.)

So I walk in to get a thermometer... and walk out with Cool Towels!  For Baseball, of course, for Koshi and Teddy at practice when it gets hot.  It says you're supposed to get the towel wet, then put it on your neck or arms.  But that's not all it said...

"Being cool, feeling it is good, it is appearance of the towel of the new material."

One look at that copy, and I felt totally justified in shelling out 598 apiece for Cool Towels.  Being cool! Feeling it is good!  And the last part could be used for anything, really--just take out 'towel' and 'material'.    "It is appearance of the (X) of the new (Y)."... I think Apple or Chevy could put that to good purpose, don't you?

I'll let you know whether they actually work or not;-)
Mata asobou, ne!

(p.s.-- I did remember to get a thermometer, and did not completely lose my head over the exciting towels.  And Cici's tempehchuu is *down* now:-)


  1. Glad Cici is better, and yes, I was wondering exactly that, if you left without the thermometer!

    Yeah, I'm not even sure what all that means, the grammar is amazing, "It is appearance of the towel of the new material." What is that even supposed to be?

    Another great Manglish, thanks for the smile!

  2. I want a new material to look good in now too! I envy your boys :< Looking cool in new materials and all. (And I'm glad Cici's feeling better!)

  3. We could use some of those today. The temperature is 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Thanks for sharing the Manglish, and I am so glad that Cici is better.

  4. Alice--one night without the thermometer, and *bam!*...somebody pops a fever. And my husband wonders why I insist on traveling with a stock of meds/thermom/bandaids/etc. Except this one night at o-baasan's house. D'oh! Glad you enjoyed the Manglish:-)

    Josephine--we'll see whether they look cool or not, once the weather warms up...;-) And--thanks for thinking of Cici (still home today--fever won't go down...)

    Cary-- 90 degrees!! Good grief! It was raining! Well, at least now maybe you'll be able to get some tomatoes planted:-)) Glad you enjoy the Manglish--I'm excessively fond of it myself:-)

  5. "it is appearance of the towel of the new material"


  6. Sarah-- glad to give you a laff:-))

    Daz-- Now, why didn't I think to put that in the post somewhere? D'oh!