Saturday, May 21, 2011

May 21... Still here...*UPDATE*...

"Singin' in the bathtub!  Gettin' squeaky clean!"

I heard strange sounds on the porch.... oh noes!  It's The End of The World As We Know It!!

Nah-- the sparrows have discovered that they can take dust baths in my empty flower pots.  They're makin' a Big Mess, too--but that's alright.  They're so cute while 'bathing' in my flower pots, I haven't the heart to chase them off.

Busy, busy-- I *will* respond to comments after I get back from being O-cha Toban (Tea Mom at baseball).  Promise!

This is mainly a public service announcement to let everybody know that it's May 21st over here, and we seem to still be here.  I didn't notice any particular Rapturing going on this morning...

Ittekima--su!  Mata, ne!

Alert reader, Jerry, informs me that the Rapture doesn't start until 6:00pm... so I'll keep an eye out at baseball practice for you all;-))

  Well, it's 7:36pm.  I watched dutifully out the window, 6:30ish or so-- and noticed nothing unusual, though there surely be some JW's  who would qualify for Rapture Status.  We ate our dinner.  We're trimming toenails and doing homework.  

"Move along!  There's nothing to see here!  Move along!"

Yet another beautiful theory, slain by an ugly fact...
Mata asobou, ne;-)  

  (p.s.-- Teddy won his baseball game, 28 to 7.  End of the World--but only for the other team...;-)


  1. According to its proponents, the rapture occurs at 6 pm EVERYWHERE, so I think you're still a bit early. Weird, though, that the rapture follows time zones. . . .

  2. Does it respect Daylight Saving Time?

  3. What about half time zones, like Newfoundland?

    I'll be on the edge of my seat waiting for your report @ 6 pm your time, Amy!

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  5. hahaha
    I don't believe that at all.

  6. Just had a thought. If it's the beginning of something like this, it could be A Portent...

  7. Alice, I'm pretty sure the effect in those areas with half time zones is going to be identical to that in full time zones. They won't be left out any further than the rest of us.

    Me? I'll be driving home at 6:00. I sure hope the earthquakes won't take out the bridges. It'd be just like those inconsiderate bastards to wreck everything as they leave.

  8. Well, everybody-- the six o'clock appointment with the Lord has come and gone. No earthquakes. Moon is a normal color. Oh--it's supposed to rain tomorrow evening. Does that count?

  9. Not sure. Did the forecast specify what type of rain? Frogs, fish or horses could be a bad thing. If it's coloured purple, we might know to expect a prince...

    Puddytat turned up earlier! Wandered in, did the patty-claw thing on me lap for so long that I almost got used to the pain, and wandered out again.

  10. Thanks for the report—nothing like "live reporting from the scene."

  11. Ooh, Daz, a Frogpocalypse!

    If the rain is black, does that mean that Jesus hasn't chosen who gets raptured yet?

    Also, congrats, Teddy!

  12. Hmm, looks like there'll be no acopalyspe today.

    Hehe, my little siblings were so scared today. :)

  13. "Frogpocalypse"

    I just snorted coffee!

    Heaven Can Wait

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  15. And it can keep waiting…

    (Wasn't sure if I'd end up in moderation if I did two links in one post…)

  16. Daz-- we got rain, but no frogs. Much to Koshi's disappointment (he'd be beside himself with joy if it rained frogs:-)) You and your links--makin' me laff... And Puddytat's back! Yay!

    Cary--anything to obliige! I'm probably almost the farthest over in terms of time zones, so I figured I owed it to everyone to let them know...

    Alice-- Frogpocalypse! Fortunately, I, unlike Daz, had no coffee in my mouth to get snorted... (and--thanks, from Teddy. He's nine today:-))

    Ez-- you're still here. I'm still here:-)) Were you tormenting your siblings?? Naughty, Ez!

    vvv--I don't believe a word of it, either!

    Daz-- I think you can put more than one link in... you could try it next time. I'll let you know.