Thursday, April 14, 2011

What's a Dango, Maru?

お花見!  お花見!

[Yes!  This is my first cherry blossom viewing!]

Funny Maru...(see the full blog post about Maru and the Cherry Blossoms here)...

...then, of course, Maru wants to know where the dumplings are.  See--even kittehs know you're supposed to have dango when viewing the cherry blossoms (the flowers in the photo--via ShishinMaru-- are artificial, according to Maru's human).

These are Dango--see how the word "dumpling" doesn't bring the right image up?  The dango at left are "sanshoku dango"--three color dumplings, sticky because they're made from mochi rice flour (and so are similar to mochi).

 These are slightly sweetened, but usually the dango themselves don't really have much taste and are dipped in a sweet soy-sugar syrup or covered in sweet anko bean paste.

Also popular this time of year are "sakura mochi"--cherry blossom mochi.  Appropriately pink, sticky mochi wrapped in a cherry leaf which you can eat...

...or Kashiwa Mochi, wrapped in a smooth, young oak leaf.  Lovely, no?

Dochira ga ii ka naaa...
(Which one will you choose, Maru?;-))

Alert reader Roy noted below that I forgot the Dango Tango!  D'oh!  This was on O-Kaasan to Issho for at least a year.  We listened to this when Koshi was in Kindergarten at least once a day... and they had it playing on a CD player in Daiei next to the area where they had the dango for sale.  It's about the Dango San Kyoudai (the Three Dango Brothers)--so cute!  Dozo:

You wanted to have that stuck in your head all day... right? ;-))


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  1. Ooh you're back. I wasn't just not seeing the old posts, I lost the entire blog. Got an 'unavailable' message. Same thing happened with Alice's a couple of days back, but not for so long. Are Blogger upgrading servers or summat?

  2. I'd suggest switching over to Word Press, but today I couldn't post. Maybe everything's a bit wonky in the blog world. Or maybe I'm just a bit overtired! I still like WP better.

    I finally got your comments approved--a bit slow this week. There won't be a delay anymore now. Thanks for the comments.

    My problem is that I can't see all of your pics.

  3. Daz-- really? I have no idea-- I hope they were trying to fix the only-seeing-the newest-post problem. Glad you can see it again, though!

    vvv-- Maru is *totally* cute:-)) And dango are *good*!

    Lynn-- I would switch. Except that I'm a coward--I have no idea how to move a blog without losing everything. Things do seem a bit wonky everywhere, though... I know I'm overtired! You can't see all the pics? Just this post? Or all the time? Hmmm... weird.

  4. Those dango look yummy! And poor Maru: no tuna OR dango for him :(

  5. Poar Maru! He'll never get to taste those lovely dumplings (and I fear I won't either!).

  6. Hi Miranda! Those dango *are* yummy--mah favorite! Poar Maru... a little too chubby to be snacking on dango;-))

  7. Jerry-- I can just imagine Maru trying to eat a sticky dango and getting his mouth stuck shut... I wonder if any of the Japanese restaurants in Chicago would have dango available as dessert?

  8. Always worth a look/listen, the Dango tango:

  9. The Dango Tango-- I totally meant to put that in this post and forgot!! Aaahh! Good thing you guys are out there to remind me of these things! (*rushes off to fix post*) :-))

  10. Just witnessed my ex and her b/f attempting to tango to that around my living room. Not a graceful sight, I promise! Oh, and my sides ache, now.

  11. HA! Got that on video, did you? No?? What were you thinking? ;-))

  12. "What were you thinking? "

    Something like: "I must buy a video cam sometime."

    To give you an idea how really weird it looked, here's Daz (yes that's his name too. He's the one with the short hair, the other being yours truly), and here's Kaz.

  13. Ha! Great photos:-)) Kaz is a girl's name? My friend's husband's name was Kaz (she nicknamed him that--short for Kazuhiro), but that's Japanese...

  14. Yep, Kaz = Karen. I rhymed two ways with my wife; Kaz 'n' Daz, Karen 'n' Daron*; and I alliterate with my sister, Dawn.

    *both final syllables pronounced 'uh'.

  15. Kaz is short for Karen? I did not know! (That's my mom's name:-)) I don't alliterate with my sis, but between our first and middle names, we account for three of the four Little Women...;-))