Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Monday Manglish--For Good Tasty

To adult readers--from time to time, I buy snacks not because I want to eat them, but simply because the packaging just slays me.

This was one of those snacks-- nice little vanilla wafers. 

"You can enjoy this wafers, for good tasty and healthy life."

I just love Manglish that can actually be turned to good purpose and used to comic effect in conversation or writing.  Laughter is good for you, after all--and isn't that the necessity for the healthy life? ;-)

For good tasty-- I am *so* stealing that!



  1. Well it beats the truly groan-worthy 'It's calci-yummy' that we had for some awful pre-sliced processed cheese thing a few years back.

    Talking of ads, here's, apropos of nothing much, my favourite TV advert. (I'm not that only one who has a favourite advert, right? Please someone tell me I'm right…)

  2. i, too, plan on using "for good tasty" in my every day life whenever possible.
    Also, were the wafers actually tasty?

  3. Daz-- agreed, much better than "calci-yummy"... and, *of course* I have favorite tv ads! One of which I simply cannot find on YT..grrr... I should post the other one sometime. Very cute kittehs, and actually shows off the product well.

  4. Sarah-- alas, the wafers were (to my taste anyway) so-so. The kids thought they were for Good Tasty, though, so that counts I guess:-))