Monday, April 11, 2011

Hanami-- Cherry Blossom Viewing

Sakura tunnel beside the river...

You wanted to see a zillion photos of cherry blossoms, right?  Good--because this week's posts will be full of them:-)  The trees over the weekend were "Mankai", in Full Bloom (the TV news reports every day from the day the first blossom opens, what percentage "open" the trees are.  That's right--the opening of the cherry blossoms is front page news.  This is a nation that has its priorities straight, I tell you... ;-).  It rained Saturday, but not hard enough to knock the blossoms off (a common occurrence).  Sunday was sunny and lovely, though, and there was hardly room to sit beneath the blossoms.

Come take a little walk with me--there's almost nothing nicer than walking through a tunnel of cherry trees in full bloom:-)

Gambare, Nihon!


  1. Aww--thanks! Beautiful song--I grew up with apple blossoms. I luv both:-) (anybody who's reading the comments--go click on that link:-))

  2. Thanks for reminding us that even in Japan, it's not all about Fukushima. Our thoughts have been in Japan frequently these last weeks. It's hard to know what to say, in the face of events. But it's good to know that cherries keep blossoming!

    From a Norwegian reader, who will still have to wait a few weeks for fruits to blossom.

  3. Hege-san-- yokoso! Arigatou gozaimashita...mange takk! The cherry blossoms blooming are a deep part of Japanese life--seeing them bloom helps people keep their spirits up in the face of disaster. It's part of the Japanese "Gambare" spirit!

    Hope your spring comes soon!:-))

  4. Gorgeous once again Amy. It cheered me to see them. We haven't got anything blooming here yet, but I've planted my strawberries and lettuces and in one more week it'll be time for the tomatoes and flowers.

  5. Glad it cheered you up, Alice--the sakura always cheer me up. It's hard to feel sad looking at them:-)) Wish we had a garden--I envy your planting strawberries and lettuce! I expect to see strawberry photos!

  6. Shall I assume that the sweet child chatter (of which I recognize only the "Mamas") emanates from the two of yours that aren't on the steps in the final frames of that vid? :-) Lovely colors of the blooms against the sky...

    --Diane G.

  7. Aren't they beautiful? I was so glad to have a sunny day right when they hit the peak of full bloom... That's Teddy on the step, and Koshi and Cici that you can hear in the background:-) You listen very closely!