Thursday, November 18, 2010

Yokohamamama Goes Spy-Shopping

When you are traveling, hit the tour spots if you must--but whatever you do, don't miss the grocery store:))

I happened to have the camera with me when I ran to the store, and lo and behold:


...and Eringe, too!

 Just like that--growing out of the containers.  They hadn't been cut off and packaged yet, so, naturally, I bought some of each (even though I have no immediate menu plans that involve shimeji or eringe.....hmmmm....thinking...).  98 Yen (less than 98cents American at the current exchange rate) was quite a bargain to buy mushrooms right out of the growing container (which I didn't get to keep--rats!).

I use shimeji frequently in soup or ginger pork and whatnot, but I love Eringe--the way it looks like a little family, see:

Awww-Papa, Mama, Big Brother, Little Brother, and Baby Sister!
I love produce in Japan--simply the fact that there's such a variety of it, a zillion things I've never eaten.  But mostly I love their ability to make a cute character out of literally anything...

....The Mushroom Guys!


  1. omg - those mushrooms are SO CUTE! And i mean the real mushrooms, not the charcters (though they're cute as well. On a side note, in our bathroom we have three pictures of these little musrooms with faces. There's a fat one, a pretty girl one and another boy one. They are CUTE)

    My mom and i were watching Bizarre Foods last night and he was in china and hit a restaurant that pretty much only served different kinds of mushrooms. I'm not typically a mushroom fan (even though i want to be) but i wanted to try every single one of those fungi. We have such a limited fungi choice here that i'm sure there's some awesome mushroom in another country that i'd just love.

    man, this was a long comment...

  2. Long comments=good! There are a seemingly endless variety of mushrooms over here--some of which are stunningly expensive ($12 for two Matsudake mushrooms, anyone? And I've seen them even higher-priced than that:))

    Do you have pics of those same characters? I think, in the photo above, the two on the outside look like boys, the next two in look girlish, and the one in the middle...kinda has that It's Pat look....

    I like doing stir-fry with bacon and bok choy and a bunch of different mushrooms in oyster sauce. Very tasty! Easy and fast, too:))

    I was all sad that I couldn't have one in one of those containers. Oh well. Last year, I bought a Shiitake stump, and we grew some in the north room--very interesting watching them grow! If I can find the same thing again this year, we'll do it again:))