Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Monday Manglish--Cici's Tshirts

Most of the time I buy Tshirts for my daughter based on color, whether or not I think she will wear it, and whether it looks slightly girly since she has been going through a phase where she wants to look exactly like her brothers (probably brought on by wearing hand-me-downs as play clothes:))  No pink--black. Yellow.  Green. And Pokemon.  And dinosaurs and bugs.  Which is fine, but girls' clothing in Japan tends to be over-the-top Girly-Girl, and tough cookies if you don't like pink.  So when I saw a black and white Tshirt with sparkly gold butterflies, I grabbed it.  Cute, but not in-your-face.

 See?  Cute butterflies, but black to avoid opposition in the morning:))

"Lovely like the DOLL"...ok, whatever...

"It is lovelier after it puts on this clothes"
("It"?  Was this translated from German?)

"Therefore, I recommend everyone this Love Clothes"
(Is this a Hippy shirt?)

"And I only have to become Lovely & Cute"
(Should I really be putting this on my 6-year-old daughter?  Will this damage her self-esteem?  Oh yeah--she can't read it:))  Oh well--the butterflies are pretty...


  1. the whole "it" reminds me of:

    It puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.

  2. @Falen: I was going to comment the same thing!

    I love the sparkly butterflies though. ^^

  3. Translated from Japanese to German, then to Greek, and then to English by a drunk Spaniard using babelfish, I suspect.

    On the plus side, the artwork and layout are pretty cool, though I'm not too sure about the mix of Olde English and Western Saloon fonts in the title. Am I over-analysing?

  4. "...by a drunk Spaniard"--(laughing) that's what nearly all of it sounds like:)) Sometimes it's cute, sometimes it just makes my head go all tilty...

    Falen--I shoulda thought of that! Doh!

    Alice--I pretty much bought it for the sparkly butterflies:))