Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Monday Manglish--Best Bread Message

What follows is my all-time favorite Manglish.  It used to be printed on every bag from the Hokuo Bakery, but, alas, no longer.  If I ever find out who told the management of that company that their bread bag message was loony, I'll... I'll... think of something suitably horrible later.  My sister had the foresight to scan one of the bags, that it might not be lost to the world:

"Our little friend "TOMTE" use magical secret-power for delicious BREAD that.
Well enjoy in next morning.  Children who living in NORTHERN EUROPE tell us secret that just baken BREAD.  Yes......TOMTE's secret.  HOKUO as, BREAD country SAPPORO is very similar with TOMTE's land."   (click on photo so you can read the words:))

I used to patronize this particular bread shop just to get the bag.  It was so wacky, it made the bread taste better.  Well enjoy in next morning!


  1. It does have a brain-melting effect... It's my favorite one, though:)) I hardly ever look at bread without thinking "Well enjoy in next morning!"

  2. Kind of related: seen on a packet of lard...

    Ingredients: Lard

  3. it's like...it's so bad you can barely understand the message.
    Also, try to say Best Bread 5 times fast

  4. Now try Best baked Bread Basket.

  5. I did it! Well, I was just sort of whispering under my breath... I guess I have to say it out loud for it to count.

    I'd like to know, actually, what they thought Tomte has to do with Just Baken Bread...

  6. Probably on the lines of it being northern European, olde-worlde-y and agriculture-related. Fresh, Traditional Farm Baked Bread, kind of thing.