Sunday, November 28, 2010

Playin' Inside--Dragonballs Finger Game

Taking public transportation with two boys became so much easier when they learned how to play the Dragonballs game that's making the rounds of the elementary schools. At least, as long as they whisper:)) This game kept my two amused for train rides, bus rides, and boring rainy weekends. I've even heard them playing it in the bathtub. Extremely simple, requiring no equipment beyond two pair of hands, the object is to win by making the blasting "Haaaaa!" motion when your opponent is "charging".

There are three motions that you say while making the hand motion:


This motion blocks your opponents blast...


....this motion charges you up so you can blast
(you have to charge up after eight barriers, or you lose automatically)

Blasting energy!  To win, you must make this motion at the same time that your opponent is "charging".  If your opponent puts up "barrier", you keep playing.

Clap twice between each motion until one person wins!  Which probably sounds boring to adults--but for elementary-age kids?  *Loads* of fun--trust me:))

Watch Koshi and Teddy play:

This game has saved my sanity more times than  I can count:))

Mata asobou, ne!                                            


  1. Wow! I'm so going to teach my lil brother and sister how to play this. We're actually driving down to Florida this year for Christmas break *coughs* a 24 hour drive from my house without stopping. *coughs some more* To keep myself sane I always bring my Ipod fully loaded with songs games and videos but I think this game will be a lot more effective.

    I have a feeling Zachory (my lil bro) is going to love this! Hehe ^^

    And you asked about my nano novel so I thought I'd fill you in on it although I'm really bad at summrizing things, lol. It about a girl who's a necromancer (a witch who can bring things back from the dead). My main charater Leigh Is a very strong necromancer and brings her sister back from the dead after she dies in a car accident. When her sister comes back from the dead she hates Leigh a lot, and turns into a completely different person *she's kind of scary*. Then they get recruited into a school for witches where Leigh can learn more about her powers and her sister can get help. But there are people who want to use Leigh's power for all the wrong reasons and it's up to Leigh to save her school.

    Hope that makes sense, lol. Like I said summarizing is not one of my strong points. ;)

  2. 24 hours in a car with two little kids?? You have my deepest sympathies, Ez:))Hope they have fun with the Dragonballs game! I can put up some more, too, if you like:)) A couple of them, I'll have to get my kids to teach me so I can explain them--half the games they play now, I just see them playing *really fast*, and I can't figure out exactly how they're playing. Do you know how to play Jan-Ken/Achi mui te hoi? If not, I'll put that up next, since it's *the* quintessential Japanese fingergame. There is literally not one person in Japan who doesn't know how to play (it's also used to take turns and make decisions:)).

    Your novel sounds cool--I'm intrigued by the idea of someone bringing a loved one back from the dead, only to see them turn into a stranger. Excellent twist--I love plots that twist off directions I never expected them to go! There are a lot of directions you could go with that premise, too!