Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Manglish

Today's Manglish was also found on a girl's tshirt which I fortuitously spotted at Daiei a couple of days ago.  I notice that really wonderful Manglish like this tends to be on children's clothing, unfortunately.  If it came in my size, you'd see me walking around with a slogan this silly pasted across my chest:

It's not the bit about "Our Feelings are Made Known To The World".  Above that, in pink.  The bit about "My prayer will Flap and Reach the distance".  Oh, will it now?  I had no idea that prayers could be described as "flapping" as they make their way to heaven, although if the author of the above had ever read of a prayer "winging its way to heaven", he or she could be forgiven for assuming that "flapping" would be a perfectly acceptable verb to use with the noun "Prayer"... :))


  1. flapping prayers....hmmmmmm...... I kind of want to write a short story about prayers loudly flapping their way into the distance, and all the neighbors that would annoy...

  2. Yeah...flapping towards heaven like so many scavengers...

    You know, I was just thinking (as I was reading your post about the gallery and "Art that makes me wanna write a Book"), that that's what you should do with all that art. Write short stories about all those cool pieces, and use the piece itself as illustration:)) Like, I know, you need so much more stuff to do...:))