Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Manglish--The Notebook Edition

Today's Manglish was all found on notebooks.  All of which I purchased for the sole purpose of owning such delightfully silly prose, and having it in convenient notebook form to carry around and snicker over at will.  One must have something thrilling to read on the train, after all:))

"Time to look at beautiful jewel,
      it is a terrible, luxurious time."

I'd love to know why somebody thought the word "terrible"
belongs in there....

"a look of fearless determination


Those phrases are, of course, perfectly sensible.  Just not necessarily
on the cover of a very small ring notebook.  I chose to use this one to
keep my food diary in, assuming that if I intend to take off the pounds
I put on at my parent's over the summer, I would need to be...

And finally, simple and sweet, "This is a durable and simple cover notebook.  This notebook is usable in various uses."  Usable in various uses... and yet you don't dare give them a Thesaurus:))


  1. I write it out in a verse -/MacDonagh and MacBride/And Connolly and PearseNow and in time to be,/Wherever green is worn,/Are changed, changed utterly:/A terrible luxury is born.

    Nope — doesn't work...

  2. Truly a scientific mind--Must. Test. Must. Confirm.:))

  3. It led to half an hour of googling Yeats poems too. The World Wide Time-Waster strikes again.

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  5. ...a half an hour googling Yeats poems... You know, I have this idea for a different kind of blog. One where I could give free reign to my desire to know, well, everything. I'd call it "Don't Know Much About". Like the song. And basically use it like a big margin in a book--a place to scribble everything I'm thinking about everything I'm reading. Right now, for example, as a result of reading Tim Ferrris' book, I want to sit down and work out exactly how the speed of light is derived from Maxwell's equations (told ya I don't know much about:)). I don't want to just read it. I want to know it for myself.

    *sigh* There just are not enough hours in a day. I wish I didn't get all cranky from lack of sleep...

  6. Damnit I remember an Asimov essay where he leads the reader through that (Maxwell-Einstein), and I can't for the life of me remember how.

    I'm very much a dabbler. I like to be learning stuff, but I'm never too worried what, or how deep, or even how much sticks. It's the process I like.

    Nice quote from Robert Heinlein. It's the closing paragraph of Methusulah's Children:

    "Yes, maybe it's just one colossal big joke, with no point to it" Lazarus stretched and scratched his ribs. "But I can tell you this, Andy, whatever the answers are, here's one monkey that's going to keep on climbing, and looking around him to see what he can see, as long as the tree holds out."

  7. I like the blog idea, btw. How does 'Fridge Magnet Memos' sound for a title?

  8. ahhh! How did you know I have sticky note all over my fridge?!! :))

    Love the Heinlein quote--that's just what I want to do, too:))

  9. Edumacated guess. I'm forever jotting down interesting stuff to research that never actually gets researched. :-/

  10. I start to research...then I have to go make dinner...or fold laundry...or wash someone...or look despairingly at the dirty floor and wish I had a dog to eat up all the crumbs on it...

  11. ...she says...just as if she had time to start another blog when she can hardly keep up with the one she has...

    I like Fridge Magnet Memos:)) I'd also thought of "Don't Know Much About--Notes From the Margin". Haven't quite figured out how it would work, though.

    I should pull up your Kahn academy link and see whether he covers some of this stuff I'm trying to figure out...

  12. Maxwell and Einstein have to be there, surely.

    I'd had sort of the same idea, alnong the lines of stuff Id thought of using for a blog post but didn't manage to develop. Which is a lot, lately, what with someone linking lots of TED talks...

    I'd think it would be lots of short paragraphs and possibly just single sentences outlining vague musings, like 'How does the man who drives the snow-plough get to work in the morning?'(That line copyright Billy Connolly)

  13. Talking of Billy Connolly...

  14. "....what with someone linking lots of TED talks..."

    (looking at ceiling, whistling, drawing circles with toe...)