Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Wish I had Sound Effects

Now that all my littl'uns are in elementary school and I can drink a whole cup of coffee while it's still hot, I can laugh about this stuff now.  Like the first day I got everybody off to school/kindergarten, and I excitedly showed another mom my shoes.  With ties.  Shoes with ties! Woo! No slip-ons!  I hadn't worn shoes with laces in well over half a decade, so it was understandably exciting for me.  Of course, I was still wearing jeans with holes in the knees, and did for some years after, because I still spent at least a third of my life crawling around on hands and knees wiping stuff up off the floor.

But even when my younger two were in Yochien, mornings were hectic.  Afternoons were hectic.  Evenings were hectic.  Weekends were hectic--and half the time, somebody had a cold.  Mornings, I used to get everybody off and then walk back upstairs wondering whether everybody was wearing underwear.  Including me.  That, however, was easily discernible if I pretended to tuck or untuck my shirt.  Oh shut up--untuck is too a word--sorry, just yelling at the automatic spell checker.

The worst mornings were the ones when somebody forgot something--hat, gym clothes, wrong outfit on, obento (lunch box) or some such.  Since we live on the fourth floor, dashing back in the house for something entails running at top speed (because the bus is waiting), round-and-round, up four flights of concrete stairs with no handrails.  I have no desire to own a Stairmaster machine.  Ever.

And running downstairs is worse than running up--here I am running downstairs!

That was on a day that I took a shower and put on makeup...

Still, running downstairs is so dangerous.  It's so easy to trip, especially in high-heeled boots.  And occasionally the lasso gets in the way.  If I could just jump downstairs...

Mothers of the world, Unite!  We want sound effects!


  1. Ummm... Watch the Wonder Woman clip, and keep your eye on the floor-numbers...

    Yayyyyyyy Steve Austin. I wonder if they let Lee Majors keep the eye with the zoom-lens and cross-hairs when he left.

    Continuing the Annie Jump Cannon thing. Yes it was her mother's maiden name. (I looked her up on Wikipedia too) It must have been a theme at the time for women in astronomy. There was Henrietta Swan Leavitt too.

  2. I love the floor numbers--who was asleep in the editing dept?:)) We totally used to play Bionic Man and Bionic Woman--jumping over the ditch between our yard and the neighbor's while making bionic sounds. Ahh-- silly 70's action hero shows.

    "I wonder if they let Lee Majors keep the eye with the zoom-lens and cross-hairs when he left."

  3. Well, I'd give my right eye for one. Sorry, I had to. Lack of sleep and too much coffee, methinks. It's 7:15am, and I think I'm experiencing jet lag without the jet.

    Daz go sleepy-bye-bye now.

  4. 7:15 in the morning? Have you gone to bed? Shoo, shoo! Mercy, child, Off to bed with you! (Let's see, it's 3:15 Sunday afternoon here. So, I'm 8 hours...ahead? Don't answer that now. Go to bed!)

  5. ...and in case you didn't know--all mothers have X-ray vision. It's a hormone thing. Ask my sis about our mom's -ray vision... or my dad...

  6. My little siblings have to do tons of running as well--they take the yellow school buses, but thankfully we live on the first floor ;)

    Congrats on your shoes, now that i think about it my sensei never wears shoes wih laces. :)

  7. I have a really random question. Sensei told us that little kids have classes named after fruits. Does your kids have fruit-named classes too?

  8. My Mum had x-ray vision with the optional super-gamma-death-ray projectors™. You could *feel* them gnawing their way through the back of your head! Come to think of it, she still has — she just uses them less these days.

    Yep, you're eight hours ahead. We change back to GMT at the end of this month though. Not sure how that'll affect it. Do you alter the clocks in spring and autumn there?

  9. @Ezmirelda--hi! Shoes with laces, I've decided, are highly overrated. I wore mine for a while after all the kiddies could get their own shoes on and there wasn't such a logjam in the genkan. But I decided they're just a pain, so most of the time I wear some kind of slide-type sandal, or clogs, or shoes that look like running shoes but have no back so you can slip them on. You just have to take your shoes off and on so much over here, you end up in slip-ons by default!
    Random question: some kindergarten classes do have fruit names, although I think flower names are actually more common. My oldest was a Dandelion, then a Rose, then a Cherry Blossom. Middle one was a Plum Blossom, then a Violet. My daughter was a Sunflower, then a Lily, then an Iris. And all those classes had color hats that roughly matched the flower color, so Undokai was really cute and colorful:))

  10. @daz--"super-gamma death-ray projectors":)) I'm not sure whether that's a standard feature or an optional add-on for mothers of boys...:)

  11. Well, there is a theory that boys should be raised until the age of 18 in a barrel. Then on the 18th birthday, the big decision is taken—Whether to break the barrel open, or just drive the bung in...

  12. Raised in a barrel? I've never heard that theory, but given the way my middle one acts half the time, I find myself wishing for a barrel..:))