Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Manglish--Halloween Edition

Lately all the little girl's tshirts are sporting skulls--cute skulls, naturally, this being the Land of Kawaii (not the Land of the Rising Sun--they only said that to tick off the Chinese).  For some reason, though, these shirts seem to be available only in kids' sizes.  Believe me, if I find one in grown-up sizes, I'll have five:))

"The Life Is Various...



Look carefully at those skulls.  Notice the eye sockets?
Exactly.  Stars for eyes on the lower left skull.  An upside down heart for an eye on the lower right skull.  Only in Japan, I swear, would anyone put skulls on tshirts and cutsie them up with hearts and stars.  Whenever I see stuff like this, my reaction is always half charmed bemusement,  half face-palm. 

   Of course, I say that, even though I'd trade a finger to find that shirt in my size.                                                                                          
...And then there's this one.  "Let's Party For You...SKULL ROCK...Love Shock".  With hearts around, and again, the heart-shaped eye socket.  The hair bow, though, is what really gets me.  How the heck do you get a hair bow to stick to a skull?  With Mighty Putty?
Note:  Halloween is slowly taking hold in Japan, too.  Not actual door-to-door TrickorTreating, mind you, but parties and decorations and Halloween themed snacks and candy.  Why?  Because dressing up little kids is  CHO KAWAIIII (totally cute), of course:-))  Happy Halloween, all!


  1. who doesn't like halloween? dressing up is fun!
    and duct tape could probably keep that bow in place.
    Also, why do we have to choose which one is good? Can't they all be good?

  2. Dressing up is *totally* fun--I'll have my hat and cape on this week for my english class parties:)) Although now I want a skull mask and a bow...
    (They *should* all be good--that's the somewhat inexplicable thing about that shirt).