Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Link--Go Clicky!

Just a note, because this is too cool to let anyone wallow in ignorance any longer!  Commenter Daz has put me onto what may be the coolest, yet most unheralded, website ever:

It's down in the Links section under Astronomy Picture of the Day--prepare yourself for some seriously mind-blowing photos!  I'm willing to let my legs get bit by a hundred mosquitos to get good shots of spiders, but there's no way I can get shots like NASA.  So, bowing to their superior technology, go have a look at *their* shots!  Thanks, Daz!

...and another link, seriously wacky, I found clicking around over at the NASA site--

For all those who love a little chemistry in their comics:)) Dozo!
Mata asobou, ne!


  1. Hmmm..

    You could probably have endless fun making superhero teams by selecting the right compounds. I'll let someone else try that — if I start, I won't stop, and that'll be another huge chunk of time gone. Could be worse than my Random Links On Wikipedia game! (Suddenly, it's two hours later...)

  2. Holy Bunsen Burners, Batman! That would *totally* be fun! ...and also a huge waste of time (or not, depending on one's propensities). My sis had a whole blog post on distractions, after which I was naughty enough to post the link here to Douglas Adams last speech which was put up on Ted Talks (over an hour, but still...Douglas Adams!)

    It's bad enough now, I keep clicking on stuff you post in your sidebar (and *all* of it is interesting! Damn!)

  3. Oh dear. I just added some more. Sorry!

    Got a link for the distractions article? It sounds like a nice distraction. (Do not think too hard about the last two sentences. Brain implosion is a distinct possibility.)

  4. Can you tell I've been cruising for distractions the last few days?? I loved the photos!

    And I can't allow myself to think for more than 1.8 seconds at a time about elemental superhero teams....If I did, I would end up some crazy hermit woman, and the authorities would eventually show up, and when they saw the creepy scribblings about good and evil elements all over the decaying walls of the house, they'd drag me off to the psych ward. Of course, if I just claimed it was my religion, I'd get a tax break as its founder, instead of a padded cell ;-)

  5. @ann--I know...elemental superheros...I want to sit around thinking of endings for "Holy------,Batman!", my favorite psuedoswear:))

    @daz--you needed more distractions in your life, right? Here's the link to the distraction article:

    For extra distraction, here's the link to some ultra-cool art (with video!) of my sis' favorite artist (and mine). You can watch him drawing in the vid--truly unbelieveable!

    Have fun!

  6. Crazy Hermit Woman? Which comic was she in?

  7. The distractions: Amy asked if we're possibly related the other day. I'm starting to think so. That was me to a T, even including Firefly (best tv SF ever!)

    The art. Wow, yet also yoiks! Here's one I found a while back (SF of course).

  8. Oh yeah! @ann--go over to daz' site (click on the dixie flatline over there in the links bar) and go to his side bar & click on Betty Bowers Explains Marriage for Everyone--you will *die*, it's soooo funny!

    @daz--my sis & her SO *really* love comics and comic-inspired art. And since she likes chemistry, too, well--the combination is too much for her fragile mind...:))

  9. whoa--cool spraypainting! Yeah, everybody can do that (not):))

    Is Shohei awesome? That video of him drawing makes me...*wish* I could draw like that. It's so effortless. And with a *ballpoint pen*. A pen. Amazing. If you go through the "Art That Makes Me Wanna Write A Book" set of tags, there's another one by Shohei, which my sis got for her birthday. It's a minutely observed mental photo done in pen of two elementary school boys fighting-- and I live here in Japan, so I can say definitively, the details are *exact* (i.e.--I can look at that drawing and tell you that those boys are in 3rd or 4th grade by the stuff they're carrying!)

    Off to distract myself at your sidebar:))

  10. I just love watching pictorial art being made. As one who can't draw worth a bean, I find myself awestruck at the process, whether I like the actual pic or not. "How do they *do* that...?" My only artistic talent is a slight ability at blues-harmonica; not exactly awe-inspiring.

    Betty Bowers. You nasty woman. Ann, don't be eating or drinking as you watch.

    "Fragile mind" sounds too much like one of those sibling-rivalry jokes. I will not be drawn in. I value my skin.

    Btw, I replied to you on my forum. It's gone onto page two though, so not instantly noticable.

  11. Nope--no sibling rivalry, jus' de luv:))

    Just sat here and watched the Lawrence Krauss thing--really wonderful! And he's at ASU! My parents live south of Tucson..could totally go see him (or hear him speak) I sound like a stalker?

  12. Betty Bowers, bwaaaahaaahaaa!!! That was the most hilarious thing I've seen all year :-)

    off to check out daz's site....

  13. yes, we forgot about sibling rivalry by the time we hit junior high-- we were too kooky to not band together. It's best friends forever now :-)

    And kooky is the highest form of flattery, to me!

  14. See--toldja the Betty Bowers thing was hilarious! I watched that and thought "B has to see this, she *has* to see this!" More proof that Daz might well be related in some else would he know about something that would slay us like that?:))

  15. If you thought Betty Bowers was good ...

    Really, watch whilst eating or drinking!

    Yayyy BBC are re-showing Brian Cox, Wonders Of The Solar System. Just watched that, now I'm off to bed. It's silly-o'clock in the morning here.

  16. *groan* I only got to see the first two episodes of that (WotSS)--although I did get to watch one with my sis:)) So fun! I'll have to check YouTube to see whether anybody's posted it there yet. One can always hope.

    And I have now*down*, and I'll go check that other link Daz put up there:))

  17. O.M.G.--I am *so* glad I put down the coffee. Or I'd be looking at buying a new computer, and trying to explain why to my DH...

    thanks, Daz! (B--go click on one more link up there:))