Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Manglish

More from tshirts--or, in this case, a sweatshirt.  Specifically, one of my daughter's sweatshirts.  She was in her "no pink!" phase, so I took her to Daiei so she could pick out her own sweatshirt (with the corollary assumption that she would wear it if she picked it out).  So she picked out a nice, black sweatshirt.  With an enormous pink sparkle heart and gold sparkly letters (Mommy was all...??!!??...whatever, honey, *you* wear it!).  "Sunshine Beauty Girl" in big, sparkly gold letters. 

(...early signs of Goth?  Or she just wants whatever she sees her brothers with?  Yeah, probably that:))

But the heart...

ATTACK HEART!  Whoa--my daughter  is Buffy the Vampire Slayer!  I don't think American (or British, or Australian, or Canadian, for that matter)  parents have to restrain themselves from snickering every time they look at their children's clothing....but that's what I do every time I see my Baby Cici with "ATTACK HEART" emblazoned across her chest.  This is how I use up all my self-control...


  1. I LOVE that sweatshirt. It is so hilarious! Oh, how I love Monday Manglish...

  2. Just enough distraction:)) I take a notebook when I go to the 100Y shop now:)

    This is probably going to be the last fall/winter for that sweatshirt, if she can still wear it:(( It's not cold enough for sweatshirts yet. If it's too small, we'll be looking for sparkle-heart skulls...

  3. You should repost the Best Bread Message and that other one-- you know, the unintentionally sexy one...
    They totally need to be in the archive with the manglish tag, because they are at the top of the mangled engish pantheon for me!

  4. Ok! That's true--those are some of the funniest ones, but they were just up in the header and weren't tagged. I guess if somebody stopped by and took a shine to the Manglish, they'd probably stay (and come back:) if they could click on the tag and read more.