Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Manglish

As I've noted before, tshirts are the other rich source of Manglish.  I've purchased tshirts for myself before simply because I liked the idea of walking around with something that wacky emblazoned across my chest, knowing all the while that nobody else would get it.

I saw the tshirt above on an elementary school girl in front of me on her bike and thought, "wow--all those words are spelled right!  Surely they must *mean* something...."  But, try as I might, I could make neither head nor tails of it.  Like one of those pentamino puzzles, just when you think you've got it--but, no, there's a piece left over.

From wave
there is hot
we feel
that wild

It does have a haiku feel to it though, don't you think?  Any and all interpretations welcome:))


  1. that is just.... huh. no idea what they were trying to accomplish there....

    love it though! manglish always makes me giggle :-)

  2. oh, good! You saw this:)) That was pretty much my reaction sitting on my bike behind her. Fortunately, I had the video camera & could quietly take a picture (no way to identify who it is, so it's ok, right?).

    More Manglish, coming soon!:))