Monday, June 6, 2011

Land of Cute-- Erasers II

Wagashi erasers-- the set of Japanese Sweets

Wagashi-- Japanese sweets... but you can't eat these because they're all erasers:-))

Last time was the Going To School Set of erasers; today-- the Set of Japanese Sweets, most of which I think you've seen!

O-Dango!  And green tea, of course, which matches the taste somehow of Japanese sweets (coffee or black tea taste... odd with Wagashi.  *No* idea why.  Anybody out there have any theories about that?)

The real thing-- Sanshoku Dango (three-color dango) which I've posted about before.

Kashiwa Mochi (Oak Leaf Mochi-- wrapped in the pickled oak leaf that you can eat)...

...naturally that goes in the set, too.  The set came with the little tray.  The Japanese have the *best* trays...

And the other leaf-wrapped mochi sweet-- Sakura Mochi (cherry blossom/leaf mochi)...

...which in the eraser set is the roll-version-- pink Sakura Mochi wrapped around sweet azuki bean paste, then wrapped with the cherry leaf (which you're supposed to eat;-)).  And green tea.


...And the last one is NOT a pancake.

And that's all I'll say about it for today:-))

Stay tuned!

Mata asobou, ne!


  1. vvv-- hi! It's...sort of a pancake...but different. Next post:-) That's my kids' favorite eraser--it comes apart like a little puzzle, so they like to take it apart and put it back together;-)

  2. Looks like a currant-less tea-cake to me... :-)

  3. Currant-less is right:-)) (something else on the inside)

  4. OMG!!!!! BEST ERASERS EVAH! For reals, these are even cuter than the last ones!

  5. These are super adorable, too! Do they actually use them as erasers, or just collect them? Sage says her hamster is too cute to use and now has a prized place among her collections.

    Oh another good Captcha: dandio

    Let's see Daz make a poem out of that...

  6. Sarah-- I *love* this set...maybe my favorite:-))

    Alice-- my kids tend just to collect them;-) At some point I'll put up a pic of the erasers they actually use, which are the best erasers ever. If I ever have to move to the US, I'm setting up shop selling Japanese erasers (i.e.--the kind that actually work, erase completely, and don't tear the paper:-))

  7. There are erasers that really work? My students need those. I want to come to Japan and buy erasers, enjoy the flowers and, of course, see you. ... Not happening soon! Blogger, email and Skype will to do for now.

  8. COOL!