Sunday, June 5, 2011

O-Yatsu Jikan: Favorite Chocolate Cookie Snack

Take no Ko in the field...

When I went to the store day before yesterday, I picked up some snacks for the kids.  They got to have a 'special', so they asked for a snack called Take no Ko no Sato... which happens to be one of my favorites as well.

Take no Ko no Sato (Bamboo Shoot Village)

...and since I just posted a recipe featuring Take no Ko not too long ago, it occurred to me to post a couple of photos about my favorite Bamboo-shaped snack.

See?  It's just plain, little cookies dipped in chocolate and made to look like bamboo shoots:-))  So cute.  So tasty! 

Has anybody seen these on sale in the US or Europe?

...The 'sister snack', so to speak:  Ki no Ko no Yama (Mushroom Mountain).  Same little choco-cookie snack, but shaped like little mushrooms.

Moar kawaii!  Kids, of course, love either snack (as, for that matter, do I;-))

So if you happen to run across these-- get some!  They're good!

Mata asobou, ne!


  1. I haven't seen either treat in stores, but I will look at the Asian supermarkets in Fort Wayne or Indianapolis the next time I go. They are on my list to buy if I see them.

    Thanks for sharing more "cuteness."

  2. I had some (courtesy of a kind amateur naturalist). They are awesome!

  3. Cary-- hope you find some:-)

    Jerry- glad you like them!:-))