Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Japanese Commercials Rock--Kitties

Why are commercials on Japanese TV so much better than commercials on  American TV (I speak generally, of course)?  Their commercials involving animals-- usually cats or dogs-- are just *adorable*. 

"Watashi wa Nyaran"--  "I am Nyaran", the white Japanese bobtail spokeskitty for Jaran travel service (his name is a play on the name of the company and 'nyan', which means 'meow').   Recently, we've seen him featured in a series of 'mu mu mu!' travel shorts shown on Animal Planet at five minutes to seven.  Here he is trying to do Zazen (sitting meditation)... and doing it all Rong.  He comes in and sits on the zabuton cushion...  distracted by first one thing and then another-- "Ducks! Ducks! Cute!"-- Return to position!  Hm.   And then starts thinking about how great it would be to take a nap.....

Finally-- my favorite kitty commercial ever is from YKK AP, an architectural products company (mainly windows, I think--which is what this commercial is about).  A simple commercial demonstrating the power of windows to make a house more livable, as shown by kitties following the light over the course of a day.

The white kitty watching a ladybug progress slowly up the window, eyes crossing, nose nearly touching the glass.  That commercial just slays me every time I see it.  Enjoy:-))


  1. omg LOVED those commercials! You are completely right on about that ladybug kitty. I WANT A KITTY!

  2. Isn't Ladybug Kitty totally kawaiii! ME WANT KITTY TOO... :-((

  3. But, but, but…puppy!

    And I found one for you multilinguists while looking for that :-)

  4. OMG-- that is *so* cute! And you'd probably never see a commercial like that on US tv. Because it shows a *child* actually sitting on the toilet with pants down. Hang on-- I'll go watch the other one...

  5. Moar cute!! Perfect, too, since I just put up another Bilingualism post:-)) I put that on the end with a link to you, K?