Monday, February 28, 2011

Land of Cute--Hinamatsuri Kitty-Chan Style

Hina-Kitty!  Kawaiiiii--

Is it possible?  Can the Hinamatsuri (Doll Festival on 3/3) be made cuter than it already was to begin with?  Don't be ridiculous!  This is the Land of Cute!  Of course it can be cuter-- via a simple Kitty-fication process.  Anything innately cute can be bumped up a level by making a Kitty-chan version of it;-))

Here's what real Hinamatsuri dolls look like (they have a simple set out at the kids school near the entryway):

p.s.--If you don't know anything about Hinamatsuri, stop by tomorrow!

Mata ashita!


  1. awww! I want!
    Also i'm excited for your next post because i don't know anything about Hinamatsuri

  2. We have a mini set of handmade cloth hina-ningyo, which are equally cute (even without being Kitty-fied). I like the photo of the more traditional set, but how about a real set, with multiple levels that cost tens of man from the department store. The grandparents of my upstairs neighbor in Japan bought their less-than-one-year-old granddaughter a massive set that was either 3 or 5 levels and filled about half their spare room. Do we get to see Cici's collection? I hope so!