Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Land of Cute--Cici's Notepaper

"This town is a happy!"

Just when I think things can't possibly get any cuter...my daughter has a birthday and gets presents from her friends.

...she got adorable notepaper.  "Lucky Animal" and "This Town is a Happy!"  How is it that they are able to draw small characters that are simultaneously innocently cute and well-drawn? 

...she also got some stationery-- "Moco Moco Sweets", sweets falling under the more general rubric of Cute...

But cakes and sundaes and doughnuts alone aren't enough--not nearly enough...

...I mean, pink and white strawberry cakes are cute, but they're so much cuter if they're also sparkly and decorated with rhinestone-encrusted bows!

Sparkles, and rhinestones, and paste jewels shaped like cherries...

Dazzling pave bows, diamond-trimmed sundae cups, glowing hearts and twinkles... and--

What's that?  You've lost your appetite?  Well, I can see how that might happen...;-))


  1. I keep thinking when I see notepaper this adorable, that I should take notes during lectures on adorable notepaper! It would make revision so tremendously more fun. ;D

  2. man, i'm totally jealous of that awesome paper

  3. Oh, dear, I've just eaten breakfast... (TimH)

  4. lostinsophistication--it *would* be so much more fun to take notes on cute notepaper! Rather more exepensive than regular notebooks, though. You could get kids notebooks with the cute covers and use one of those--I'll post Cici's unlined drawing notebook next time. Cute Overload!:-))

    Falen--it's so cute, that I have a hard time making myself *use* it. Like it's going to run out and there won't be anymore...(just as if there weren't an endless stream of Cute over here;-))

    Tim-- Gomen nasai! ;-))