Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Favorite Japanese Music-- Dreams Come True

One of my favorite J-Pop bands since coming to Japan is Dreams Come True--lead singer Miwa has a powerful voice, as well as good range and expression.  I like to listen to her sing most anything, but my favorite song of theirs is "Asa Ga Mata Kuru"..."Morning Will Come Again".  Great vocals, and you just can't help but move to it!

I had the actual video of this song bookmarked, but, alas, it appears to have been whisked away by the Copyright I've substituted below the album version accompanied by Scenes of Tokyo and Other Random Images.  There are several live versions which are fun, and which give you a feel for Miwa's live singing ability, and also her ever-changing hair, but of course at concerts she is occasionally holding the mike out to the audience for them to sing along. 

La, la,, la, la...that bit'll get stuck in your head.  But in a good way!

Mata asobou, ne!

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