Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Favorite Anime Songs--Naruto Opening #10

Last week I put up some of the kids' favorite songs--but, of course, I watch these anime along with them, so I have my own favorites.  This is the first Naruto opening I saw (which they don't actually get to watch very often--it's on right after Pokemon on Thursday night, but it runs into bedtime, so vacation days only).  The opening changes every season, but I still like this one best--very cool, and good hooks.  The video below shows it three times--a game of "spot the difference" (just like they make small changes to the Power Rangers opening over the course of a season).  This is "Hero's Comeback", by Nobodyknows.  If you've never seen any Japanese animation--enjoy.  This is on TV every week--puts Disney to shame, for creativity, coolness, and an imaginative world you've never seen.



  1. OMG YES!!!! This is my all time FAVORITE Naruto opening! I tried really hard to find it on iTunes but didn't have much luck. LOVE IT SO MUCH!
    once we hit the 50 second mark, i'm totally sold.
    Now i'm going to be singing it all day

  2. Yay!! Somebody else who loves #10, too! 3-2-1 Make Some Noise!

  3. I love this song too! :D
    My favorite is the 4th opening (Fighting Dreamers)


    It's so catchy it stays in my head all day.

  4. Yay! Moar love for #10! Thanks, Ez! Have to go listen to #4 now, because it's not coming into my head....

  5. i know naruto! he is tough guy!!!!

  6. Hi vvv! Naruto rocks! He *is* tough:-))

  7. The #4 opening is pretty awesome, but it still doesn't hold a candle to #10