Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cici's Drawing

Cici drew a picture for you about the earthquake-- this is how she felt during the bigger aftershock that happened while she was in school.  Everybody had to get under their desks (that's her yellow school hat and backpack on top of the desk)...   She's drawn a bubble where she's saying "Kowai, yo--" (I'm scared).  They all seem jumpy when the room starts to sway (none yesterday, but four times today).  During the blackout time this evening, my phone went off, and all three kids dove under the table.  I'm wondering how long the aftershocks will continue (and the extra mini-quakes triggered elsewhere by the main quake)...

(Just a brief post today, 'til I get all my make-up classes done...)


  1. wow, i'm actually really impressed by her drawing skills. I mean, i STILL have problems drawing someone kneeling

  2. I had to kneel on the chair and let her look at my legs and trace around them with her hand. Look closely-- she had to erase that part quite a few times before it looked ok to her;-) For me, of course, it was the way she drew her big, scared, teary eyes that went straight to my heart...

  3. yeah- the tears are what got me

  4. So sweet - poor Cici. Thinking of those other children...

    This might interest you - what the US government says at home as opposed to abroad...


  5. I love her drawing! So talented. All I could draw at that age was stick figures with abnormally large heads. I heard that there were 3 more earthquakes this morning. There just seems to be problems one after the other in Japan. Hope you guys stay genki! :)


  6. terrible...

    and sad story


    i m sad...

  7. Oh poor baby, give her a hug from Sage and me!

  8. Aww. Heart-rending.

  9. Yes, the eyes are riveting. No doubt this generation of Japanese kids will be followed for years to investigate another sort of "aftershock."

  10. Anne--hi and thanks:-))

    Dominic-- thank you! A very interesting link, indeed-- and where I found the link to the quake map above, so double thanks!

    Ez-- we *did* have a bunch of quakes in the morning! I'll tell Cici you liked her drawing (she'll be all embarassed;-))

    vvv-- I'm sad, too...

    Alice-- thanks for hugs (hugs given!)

    Ophelia-- just what I thought when she showed me what she'd been drawing for almost an hour...

    c'est ma-- yokoso! I wonder, too, what the impact will be on especially the children directly affected.