Wednesday, March 23, 2011

730 Earthquakes

We had 4 earthquakes (which we felt as Shindo3 or less) this morning for breakfast...

That's one of them above--the strongest one (my phone went off again.  It did last night around 1:30am, too--only I left it on the counter, and had to get up to open and shut it to make it stop whooping...).

But if you want to get a real feel for just how many earthquakes there have been since March 11, 2:46pm-- go visit the amazing Japan Quake Map built by Paul Nicholls.  It moves--the color of the circles indicates quake depth, the radius indicates magnitude (which you can also see running in a window to the right of the map).  I felt my stomach tighten as the clock ticked rapidly up to 14:46... BAM.  One huge circle engulfing the Japanese archipelago, then a fireworks display of aftershocks.  730 earthquakes in 12 days.   You can highlight individual quakes by running the cursor over the window right of the map.  Take note of the magnitudes of the 6 aftershocks that hit in the hour following the main quake-- all 6.3M or higher.  At 15:15 there was a 7.9M aftershock-- and I'd just like to note that that aftershock was higher magnitude than the 1995 Kobe quake, the recent Christchurch quake (Mr. Nicholls did a map for that quake as well),  the 2010 Haiti quake, and the 2008 Sichuan quake.

Gambarimasho, Nihon.

p.s.-- to fundamentalist zealots whose tactless reaction to the 9.0M quake of March 11 I have been told  was along the lines of "well they (meaning, apparently, the Japanese in toto) shouldn't live on the ring of fire!", I offer simply this:

click to enlarge
...I think 6 billion people will fit nicely into Greenland, don't you?


  1. and there i am in MN, which is almost compeletly white on that global map.
    For reals, people need to shut up. Our population is out of control and people need to live where they need to live.
    People are just asses.

  2. Hey--we can all go stay at Sarah's house! Cool! That is *so* much more awesome than Greenland;-)) wanted to have a really big house party, right? (Just joshin'-- I'm an Indiana girl who grew up on Tornado Alley and met a guy who lives on Earthquake Boulevard... what to do? Oooh--I know! Move to New Orleans!)

  3. And Canada!
    Seriously though, good point.

  4. that quake map was both fascinating and terrifying

  5. You find and post great links--thanks.

    Yes, why aren't we all in Greenland, Antarctica, Siberia or the the Sahara? (Not that the latter two are totally clear...)

  6. Anon-- yeah, I noticed Canada, too;-)) But since Canada is more exciting, I thought Greenland would make the point better. Yokoso if you're commenting for the first time:-))

    Anne-- that's just how I felt watching all the way through it. It's constantly updated, too--so the weak5 quake that just happened two hours ago in Ibaraki prefecture (which I experienced as a 3 sitting here...) will be up and the number won't be 730 (that's already outdated!).

    c'est ma-- you're welcome! Yes, exactly--funny thing, that. People seem to have this perverse desire to live where they can make a living;-))

  7. I appreaciate your posts about what is going on over there..makes you appreciate life a little bit more.
    I am putting up a raffle in my are more than welcome to participate.

    be safe!


  8. "...I think 6 billion people will fit nicely into Greenland, don't you?"


    Personally, I blame the Vogons.

  9. Patty-- thanks so much for helping and caring:-)) Yokoso! (welcome!)

    Daz-- Resistance is useless!