Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Land of Cute-- Backhoes (Really!)...An Update


Isn't that just the most *adorable* little backhoe you've ever  seen?  I know-- backhoe isn't the word you expect to follow "adorable".  But-- this is The Land of Cute.   Backhoes can and will be Cutified, according to Federal Cute Code, Sec. 109b.05 effective 02/14/50.  The Ministry of Cute, Division of Public Construction, which oversees construction sites and equipment has recently ruled that turquoise is henceforth an acceptable color for use on backhoes, in addition to teal, lavender, and purple.  Magenta and orange may be used as trim.

Purple backhoe--in accordance with FCC109b.05

Hello Kitty stickers optional... ;-)
(I checked all the way around that backhoe for a Hello Kitty sticker, or at least Sugar Bunnies--but there wasn't one.  I think it was vandalized...)

 An Update...

Riding down the road a day or two ago on the way to the post office, I went by the road construction that's been going on for some time.  In fact, I'd avoided going to that post office because it was a bit difficult to get to.  Part of the road has been re-opened, though, so I decided to use that post office....and got a close-up view of the construction equipment...

awww...in two shades of purple plus magenta!

   One of those darling diggers--with stickers!!  Not Hello Kitty, but nearly as good:

From the bottom:  a handicapped sticker, a Beginning driver Over-75-Driver sticker, and a Baby-On-Board sticker... (rly? Baby-On-Board-A-Backhoe?;-))


  1. AWWW! i want a cute little backhoe now!
    I'd name him "backy". Clever, right?

  2. I think you should simply put some Kitty Chan stickers on these machines!

  3. Hey Amy. Have you seen this site?
    The women lists off things she won't and will miss about living in Japan.

  4. Er . . . isn't that 'teardrop' sticker a stylized autumn leaf, indicating an over-75 driver? Something tells me this guy has a sense of humour, so yes, give him a kitty-chan sticker to add to his collection.

  5. Falen--very clever:-)) I totally want one every time I see one!

    Jerry-- I may very well have to invest in some Kitty Chan stickers to stock my bag with, just in case I see other diggers in need of treatment;-))

    Matt--thanks for the link! She has a lot of the same things I would put on a list like that!

    Roy--hang on....I think you may be right! I don't have a car (don't drive--and my husband is a "paper driver"!), so I get those two stickers mixed up regularly!
    Ok--back. That is the "over 75" (and strongly recommended for over 70) sticker. The Shoshinsha sticker is the green and yellow arrow-shaped one (if I had a car I'd probably not get those mixed up;-))

  6. I spray-painted a tractor just the other day. Plain serviceable dark green, though, I'm afraid, although I did manage to do my initials in ripples on the roof where they can't be seen :-)

    I can beat the purple and magenta back-hoe, though. Check out my old Reliant Robin, in the background of this pic!

  7. I did not know that there was a specific age for the "elderly driver" sticker. I always just thought of it as something old people had. It's noteworthy that in Japan, your driving skills are not called into question until around 70-75 years of age. The average life expectancy (the average is taken from the average from males and females) in the U.S. is only 75 years. That's 7 years behind Japan's 82! While this may be causing certain problems, it seems that the Japanese are doing something right.

    @Matt, I started reading the 1,000 things website while I was still living in Japan. Thanks for reminding me-and telling all of us-about it!

  8. Daz-- *great* bike! I *would* be a madwoman riding around on that (totally dangerous madwoman...;-))... and nice paintjob! If I ever have to have a car again, I am totally calling you to make it cute:-))

    Chris-- They do live a long time here. My husband's grandparents all made it to 94/95, which meant the kids got to know all four of their great-grandparents:-))

    vvv-- glad you enjoyed it!

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