Wednesday, January 26, 2011

An Award--Thanks, Ez!

Awesome Ezmirelda, who comments here frequently, thought enough of my blog to pass an award my way:))  Wow!  I've never had one of those--thanks, Ez, for thinking of me!  Ezmirelda, for those who don't know her, is a hard-working high school student who, in addition to studying Japanese, writes YA novels in her spare time (!)--and who made it through National Novel Writing Month last November (which means writing a 50,000 word novel in the space of a month--yeah, *exactly* what I thought!  Ez--you go, girl! I wish I'd been that cool when *I* was in high school...;-))

Anyway, according to Ezmirelda, I'm supposed to (in addition to thanking her and linking back) tell you 7 things about myself, and link to some other stylish blogs out there.

About me:

1) Like Ez, I love to read--I've read Pride and Prejudice so many times that (I'm ashamed to say) I've lost count.  Pay attention while you're reading--my writing tends to be sprinkled with quotes (why use your own words when Jane's are so much better? ;-))

2) I used to be a high school German teacher (so I also answer to "Frau")--so watch yourselves, or I'll have you declining adjectives and listing dative prepositions (aus, ausser, bei , mit...)

3)  I've been in Japan for 14 years, married for 10, and learned to speak Japanese from the inside out--no classes, didn't know a word when I came.  Maybe my high school German teacher was right:  best way to learn a language?  Fall in love:-))

4) I like watching Japanese anime with my kids--both because I pick up a lot of Japanese that way, and because I'm constantly amazed at the high level of animation in Japan (Disney channel other American animated series can't even begin to compete).  Also--I feel I must insist that Naruto opening #10 was the best one...(and now despise me if you dare...;-))

5) My laundry stares forlornly at me from a pile far more often than it ought...

6) I am a bird-watcher from force of long habit.  Also flowers.  And trees.  And butterflies.  And recently spiders.  I don't recommend being a passenger in any car I am driving--I'm all "Oooh!  Cows!"...

7) I am a shamelessly biased Mommy, because I think my kids are the cutest ones ever :-))

Enough about me--on to some Stylish Bloggers I think deserve a shout-out:

1) Ann Foxlee--the coolest person I know, and also my sis:-))  In addition to writing a YA fantasy trilogy, she's also the Best Jeweler in Portland (nepotism is ok, right?).  She's super busy making gorgeous jewelery, so she posts occassionally--but when she does, it's awesome!  Check out her Art That Makes Me Wanna Write A Book posts!  Very cool art--you'll likely be inspired yourself...

2)Falen, aka Sarah Ahiers--a super writer and blogger who posts great stuff on the nuts and bolts of writing, and whose Steampunk Writing Hat I covet desperately...Pop over on Fridays for Fun Times with Yvie (the adorable Frenchie who helps out blogging by posting LOLcats and other fun stuff for all of us apes:-))

3)Summer Frey-- over at "...And This Time Concentrate!"  A fellow bird-lover, and mama to two *beautiful* kittehs, Summer posts cool photos, too!  (Check out the snow they got!  Awesome Winter Wonderland photos:-))

4)Shelley Sly--at Stories in the Ordinary.  She's querying--go give her some support!  And--I was so glad to find somebody else besides me who cried at Toy Story 3...:-))

5)Matt Wagner--at Hellion Gallery.  He's not a writer (yet!), but he's curating his Very Own Brand New Art Gallery!  (More shameless nepotism--he's my sis's husband:-))  Head over there for a peek at some new, original, young talented artists from Japan!  You just might be inspired... (and if you're in or going through Portland, stop in!)

Go on--give them some love!

(p.s.--didja spot the Jane Austen quote?  Cookie for you if you did!)


  1. I'm going to go with fact #5: "My laundry stares forlornly at me from a pile far more often than it ought...," because, if it is Austen, then I will feel slightly less guilty about the pile of dishes that so often oogles me. ;D Regrettably, all it really does show is that I don't know my Austen enough. The horror!

  2. Nope--that wasn't it...but your dishes can come over and play with my dishes! Mine are lonely 'cause I never pay any attention to them...;-))

  3. Aw, thank you!

    I took German in high school and really wanted to continue it in college, but I had to take Japanese instead (long story). I really loved German, even though the grammar was pretty nuts. :) Coming from a military family, I was born in Berlin, so it was nice to finally be able to say YES when people asked if I spoke German...

  4. Congrats on your award, and thank you so much for passing it onto me!

    I love watching anime. I've watched a bunch of Naruto before, but I also enjoy Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist, Full Metal Panic, and a lot more. (Okay, those probably aren't the most kid-friendly ones, but have you heard of them?)

    Also, your kids are adorable!!

  5. aww thanks! I'll add it to my awards page!

    Also, Naruto openings are some of the best openings in any anime. I can't remember which one #10 is, but i'm sure it was fantastic.

  6. Summer--und deswegen kannst Du Deutsch! Jetzt versteh' ich:-)) Ich war Deutschlehrerin, und kann immer noch Deutsch reden. Wenn Du Lust hast, koennen wir auch auf Deutsch reden!

    Shelley--I've heard of those, but haven't watched them! (I tend to just watch what my kids are watching...;-)) They do get to watch Naruto from time to time, 'cause it's on Thursday nights right after Pokemon...which explains why I've seen it too! (Thanks! I think they're cute--but I'm hopelessly biased....)

    Sarah--Naruto is pretty awesome. I remember sitting with my jaw hanging slack the first time watching it on tv, thinking "TV anime is *this* well-drawn and creative? Eat your heart out, Disney!" When you're on your other computer, you can listen to opening #10 if you click on the link up there:-))

    (p.s.--the Austen quote buried up there is "...and now despise me if you dare!". Elizabeth to Mr. Darcy:-))