Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Manglish--Cici's Yellow Shirt

This is Cici's favorite yellow T-shirt...complete with misspelling and wackiness.  When we go home, I tend to pack shirts that were either purchased in America to begin with, or those which are graced only with a picture...

The misspelling is, of course, "your" for "you're"--though, unlike poorly educated Americans, the creators of this t-shirt can at least claim non-native speaker status as the reason for their (not "there") mistake....

"It is a woman who always shines
     and it is painful."

You know, I can usually look at Manglish and have some idea of what the writer was thinking in Japanese (because it's the sort of mistake that happens when translating too literally from one language to another).  So, you ask, what was this writer thinking?  NO IDEA!  This one is so weird, I can't even piece together what they were trying to say in Japanese...


  1. I want every man who looks at me to cover their eyes because my shine is so bright IT CAUSES PAIN.

  2. How's it go...?

    "Horses sweat, men perspire, and women glow." I didn't know the glow was painful, though!

  3. Sarah--YEAH! Me, too...;-))

    Daz--radioactive glowing? ;-))