Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Manglish-- The Magic Stationery Case

"Yeah, so?"  I hear you say.  "It's a zippered stationery case.  Not a very interesting one, either."

So you think-- this is a magic stationery case.

No--really!  Hermione has one just like it (I think hers is green, though).  Professor McGonagall lent it to her at the start of term.

"The stationery and small articles of life are unified."

See?  Haven't lost a thing since-- this is a unifying case.  Wouldn't you just love to have all the small articles of your life unified?  All in one place and never lost again?  Like the Sorting Hat, it may *look* like a small, unassuming item... but don't be fooled.  It's one of the more powerful magical items out there.

A couple of caveats-- do not put a sharp thing in the case.  It may damage the case.

Also, please do not bring close to the fire, as there is fear of modification.

I left my last one too near the stove, and it turned into a newt;-)


  1. That needs some gold to be a proper Gryffindor stationery case.

  2. I've always struggled with the "etc..." placed randomly on the cases of writing utensils: should it have three periods or four?

  3. Sachi-- oops! You're right! Professor Snape's was green... Hermione's was burgundy with yellow piping;-)) (I should have taken a photo of the Gryffindor scarf I knitted for my sis-- same as the ones they wore in Azkaban:-))

  4. Chris-- ha! Yah-- like it's just pasted on there from elsewhere...(of course, I tend to play fast and loose with those ellipses myself--but never less than three! Is it supposed to be three, and the fourth would actually be the period if it occurs at the end of a sentence?)

  5. There is a keyboard command for an ellipsis. Type "option;" on a Mac. I do not know what the corresponding command is on a PC. I believe that a space should be placed before and after the ellipsis.

    It would look like this … .

    However, I am not proofreading blogs for grammar or spelling. I have been known to throw in lots of dashes (—) and to use incomplete sentences. (Horrors!)

  6. Hah!! it got even better with the modification bit

  7. Ellipsis…

    Hold Alt and type 0133 on the number pad.

    HTML code: …

  8. …and it turned into a newt

    But did it get better?

  9. Cary-- I'm a Dastardly Dasher, myself. Ah, well. When one is writing or reading a blog, I figure it's a speaking voice one is primarily using anyway ...

    Daz-- Aha! Thanks! Is that code on your page? (I have that separately bookmarked for when I'm typing in German;-))

    Martin-- yay! Somebody got the Python reference! (It *did* get better-- the photo above is post-newt stage)

  10. Erm, not sure. If it isn't I'll add it when I get a minute, along with em- and en-dashes
    — alt+0151 —
    – alt+0150 –