Monday, July 18, 2011

Just... YAY!!!!

When Japan plays America, well...  I have to sit on the fifty-yard line (you know what I mean) wearing stripes and polka dots ;-)  Who do I root for?  Both, of course, not being a rabid fan of anything but a good game.   And this was a seriously good game:

Especially this bit-- this save by Kaihori-san ought to go down in soccer history as one of the great all-time saves.
Look at that foot!

Gambatta, ne, Nihon!

p.s.-- it would be remiss not to mention the mad skills of American Abby Wambach-- anyone who thinks women's soccer isn't interesting after watching her play hasn't got eyes.  *Three* goals headed in during this World Cup Final, including against Japan.


  1. Yep, even a non football fan like me can see that's a great save. Nice header by the American woman too. (Didn't catch the name.) Was quite surprised at the red card. It was a hard tackle, but she definitely played for the ball not for the player. But then the rules have probably moved on since I last really watched any footy, best end of 35 years ago.

    Oddly, I was just reliving other sporting memories. I found Kirk Stevens's 147 break in 1983 on YT. (Quick run-down for those who don't know. 147 is the maximum possible break under normal circumstances in snooker. The table is 12 × 4 foot, so it's 4 times the area of a pool table. Those long shots are long!)

  2. I just came from Matt Rush's blog who also had a post on the world cup. Luckily for you, you were kind of in a win-win situation

  3. Great game! I thought of you when I realized that it was going to be a USA/Japan final. I often have conflicted emotions during some college football and basketball games, although probably not nearly as intense as a World Cup Final.

    Daz—thanks for the snooker comment. My dad was stationed in England during WWII and talked about snooker.