Monday, March 29, 2010

Book Review-- The Holes in Your Nose

I promise I will put up another origami post very soon, but in the meantime--a book review!  This book was originally written in Japanese, but it's also available in English translation.  Now that I think about it, I think my sister discovered this book and gave it to us....  anyway, it's a favorite in our house.  It's actually part of a series of books called the "My Body Science Series", by Genichiro Yagyu.  The Holes in Your Nose is very straightforwardly written, which has the effect of making it in places side-splitting funny.  The author matter-of-factly compares the shapes of people's nose holes, what noses are for and how they work, how boogers form, that gorillas eat their boogers.... and all in a rather innocent voice that makes it appealing and not as though the writer were trying to hard for a gross-out effect.   The illustrations are as simple and appealing as the writing style.

My middle son (that's him up there in the header photo in the glasses) *loves* this book--it really appeals to his earthy, physical sense of humor.  His older brother (also up there in the header photo), on the other hand, is my Science Guy, so he actually likes all the information and the scattered invitations to the reader to try things with his own nose.  Little Sister *shouts* with laughter when Mommy does the gorilla's voice saying he's going to let his boogers dry then pick them off and eat them:).

It's published by Kane/Miller Book Publishers, and it's available from Amazon (click the link above).  It was published in the US quite a while back, so your library may have it (worth checking anyway, if you like to preview before buying books).

Enjoy!  Mata Asobou, ne!

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