Saturday, March 27, 2010

...and thanks for all the fish

As though any of us need *any* more distractions in our turbulent, seemingly permanently distracted lives, I post here to spread the word that the world's best website, TED (, i.e.--Technology, Entertainment, Design) has posted one of the last (or possibly the last) lectures given by the inimitable Douglas Adams.

 Dear Mr. Adams--we miss you so much. I have loved the Hitchhiker's Guide since the 7th grade, when a friend gave it to me to read and of course I promptly passed it on to my mother and my sister. My mom liked it so much she named her travel agency after it (Galaxy Travel--what else?)   I think I loved Dirk Gently's even more--I waited and waited for a third one to come out, and when I finally read he'd passed away suddenly I was crushed. 

 It's nearly an hour and a half.  A horrible distraction, and a huge chunk of time, but....well, there it is.  A chance to sit for a glorious hour and a half and be delighted, informed, brought to uncontrollable tears of laughter, and to sober reflection from a writer whose voice we never thought to hear again, as he passed away a few days after this lecture.  He talks about blind river dolphins, blue-footed boobies, lovelorn parrots, the effect on the planet of those bipedal, carbon-based life-forms who are so well-versed in twig technology, and.... this is really important.... he explains about the towel.  Just think about that. 

Clear a space on your calendar.  Use a permanent marker.  Because you're worth it--enjoy.

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  1. I'll have 10 free hours when I get on the plane Friday! I'll talk to you soon and we'll make plans. And talk about Douglas Adams!