Monday, February 15, 2010


Or, maybe, Setsu-buns.  A bit late (Setsubun was the 3rd), but it's my favorite festival (apart from all those Japanese festivals featuring slim young men in loin cloths, or less, which never seem to take place anywhere close enough for me to get to...).  There's just something deliciously wacky about standing in the doorway throwing beans outside while shouting "devils out!" (an appropriate sentiment after being shut up all winter).  When you throw beans back inside whilst shouting "happiness in!", you're supposed to eat one bean for each year old you are.  So Koshi ate 9, Teddy ate 7, Cici ate 6, and Mommy declined because she didn't feel like eating *that* damn many beans...

And since we live in the Land of the Eternal Cute, I figured I should share pics of the cream buns I found at the pastry shop.  Little oni buns, love it:

Horns, fangs, and custard cream filling!  Happy setsubun!

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  1. Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for the nice comments. I really like the weekly origami posts. Both of my kids are really into origami now and they both want me to join in.  Now, thanks to you, I can show them some new tricks.

    As for your question about language we try to speak English at home as much as possible and Japanese when we aren't at home, but it doesn't always work.