Saturday, February 6, 2010

And now for something completely different...

This has nothing to do with anything in particular, except I figure everybody needs a laugh.  Two things--
USB flash memory sticks and Kindergartners,  both of which have to do with Sushi.  (eh?)  Yes, sushi. 

Let me explain.  First, the kindergartners.  You wanted to see pics of 4-year-olds with sushi strapped to their heads, didn't you?  I thought so.  That's why I took some pics of the little first year kids at my daughter's kindergarten, even though I didn't know a one of them.  They were darling, jumping up and down and dancing to a song about Sushi going on a Picnic--every one of them with a different type of sushi strapped  like a hat to their heads.  The teachers *hand-make* all of those costumes out colored plastic trash bags, I'll have you know.  They work so hard, I figured somebody should know about it.  Here they are:

So the kindergartners have, what?, to do with USB flash memory?  Well, later the same day, I went up to Yodobashi Camera to look at a new video camera for us (since the old one is, well, Pre-Cambrian....) and serendipitously got off on the wrong floor.  Right in front of the media cards and USB stuff.  And there they were--only in Japan, I swear (I'm thinking about getting my sister one for her birthday:)):

Ikura, futomaki, ebi, shake--yeah , baby!  Take your pick.   I'm betting it's a toss-up between the ebi and the ikura for my sis...  I'm swimming in sushi today!  Which must be my excuse for this post. Ok, that's all the silliness anybody needs for one day--Thanks for having a look.

Mata asobou, ne!


  1. Lol! LOVE the kids in the sushi costumes! I can't believe the teachers are cutting up bags and making them by hand!
    Did you know that we got a Maguro Nigiri magnet last time we were up on Kappabashi Dori? I woul love the Ebi... as long as its on sale when you get it! We're naming the next dog Ebi... to go along with Imo.
    I'm turning into a villain from my book-- naming my pets after food items... what's that about? ;-P

  2. ebi--got it:)) Naming your pets after food--you *are* Madam Sanuki! Glad you liked the pics--figured you'd get a kick out it:)